Generation Next

Ritesh & Rajnish Mishra

The Artist brothers along with their academics (Delhi University) have been learning music since their birth with sounds of Tanpura, Sarangi, Tabla and voices of forefathers vibrating in their home and surroundings. Gifted with a very pleasing voice and sensibility for musical notes they toiled through the strenuous music sessions over the years. With focus on performance factor the duo brothers touch the listeners’ heart with melodious voice and sensuous application of notes. Skilled with rich knowledge of Indian Ragas the duos render Khayal, Tappa, Tarana Bhajans and other classical forms, casting a spell on the audience.

They have performed at most prestigious concerts all over the world. Their work with famous composer Micheal Nymen has been released as an album (SANGAM) selling worldwide. They have sung 3rd track “Mahadeva” in the album called ‘Rise’, that has been nominated for the prestigious ‘Grammy Awards’. They have given background score to the audio book by Penguine & ANB publisher.

They are ‘A’ grade vocalists of All India Radio and Television. They have been awarded the prestigious ‘Yuva Ratna Award’ for the year 1999. They have also received the prestigious “Bhavishya Jyoti Award” for the year 2007. They have received the prestigious “ Sangeet Natak Akademi’s Ustad Bismillah Khan Award” for the year 2008. They have recently been confered with "Sangeet Samriddhi Samman".

Swaraansh Mishra

Music runs in the vein of Swaraansh Mishra His father Pt.Sajan Mishra is the renowned classical vocalist of the living legends, ‘PadmaBhushan Pt.Rajan-Sajan Mishra’.

Even while focusing on his academic career at Delhi University, Swaransh underwent rigorous training and practice sessions under the esteemed guidance of his father Pt. Sajan Misra, uncle Pt. Rajan Misra, grandfather Pt. Hanuman Prasad Mishra and Maternal Grandfather Pt. Birju Maharaj and a galaxy of star musicians of the Banaras Gharana.

At a very young age he took up projects with some of the great milestones of music like, The Percussion Maestro Trilok Gortu, and Pt. Rajan-Sajan Mishra, for the live concert in Mumbai ‘SPANDAN’ and has contributed for the experimental album ‘SANGAM’ comprising a true sangam of the Hindustani classical vocal by his father-uncle duo, brothers Ritesh-Rajnish Mishra and the renowned composer Micheal Nyman. He also actively participates for the projects held by Pt. Birju Maharaj for the society Kala-Ashram.

Apart from Hindustani Classical Music, he enjoys playing Western Instruments (Guitar,Synthesizer...), and has some heart melting compositions on his records! An avid music-pro, he not only composes melodies but also pens songs. He plans to launch an album comprising of his compositions, early next year.

Upcoming with a Band called 3 The people.
Rajan Sajan Misra