The World Tour 2017-18

The name Bhairav Se Bhairavi Tak, encompasses the whole spectrum of ragas. Raga, in Indian classical music, is a bouquet of notes put together in various permutations and combinations to arrive at a melody that touches your soul.

One of the unique and distinguishing characteristics of Indian classical music is the assignment of definite time to most of the ragas. It is believed that ragas are at the zenith of their harmony, melody and majestic splendour when rendered in that particular time frame. The artist can evoke and enhance the rasa of the raga to its optimum when performed at the assigned time.

Bhairav Se Bhairavi Tak is not just about music concerts, it is about reaching out to like-minded people in various parts of the world, it is about having a dialogue with senior musicians of different countries, it is about workshops with interested people, lectures for knowledge seekers, and obviously meditative concerts to take us to the world of peace and bliss.

They recently took their music on a journey of ragas to 13 countries, 54 concert in one year under the aegis of their World Tour- Bhairav Se Bhairavi Tak.

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Rajan Sajan Misra
Rajan Sajan Misra